• Possible Insurance Issues for California Car Accident Victims

    There are many distracted drivers in California. Annually, there are over 30,000 injured individuals from car accidents. Most of them end up going for the settlement they deserve, but not everyone gets it.

    There are many potential issues that may get in the way of your settlement. Most of the issues come from the insurance adjusters and the insurance company. Listed below are the most common issues, and what to do if you find yourself involved in an accident.


    Losing your Monetary Compensation

    Once you get involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical help (if immediate care is required). Otherwise, you should take certain actions to ensure that your compensation is not denied. This involves the following:

    • Waiting for the police to arrive and make a report
    • Taking a copy of the police report
    • Finding and contacting eyewitnesses
    • Taking information from the other party responsible for causing the accident
    • Calling your attorney

    In case you don’t have an attorney, contact our Car Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles and seek their help. This is not something you want to go through without an attorney, as you may get stuck in the process and lose your monetary compensation.

    In most cases, the insurance adjusters will offer you an initial deal. This deal never represents the true value of your case, so we advise you not to accept it. You may also be asked to perform certain actions, such as visiting the doctor for evaluation, going to all of your treatments and taking the required medication. Failure to do any of the following (even if you believe that you do not require additional medical care) will leave you without your full or partial compensation.


    The Insurance Adjusters are not your Friends

    A common misbelief is that insurance adjusters want to help you receive your compensation. Every insurance representative will try and pay out as little as possible for a claim, within the law. Sometimes, they may even rely on your ignorance, and maneuver around the law. If you don’t have a legal representative by your side, you may end up losing everything.

    Insurance adjusters will protect the rights of their employer. They are trained negotiators and will do whatever they can to get you to sign and accept a lesser deal.

    With that in mind, consult with our Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys and have them protect you and your rights against any “lesser deals”. Never settle for less than you deserve.


    The Statute of Limitations

    Normal time to pursue a claim is usually two years from the moment of injury. This will give you plenty of time to recover from the injuries sustained during the accident, collect and organize your evidence, and file a claim. After two years have passed, you won’t be able to recover anything from that particular accident. In some cases, you have less time to act; for instance, if the person responsible for causing the accident works for the government, you have 6 months to act and file a claim.

    Know the rules and regulations before you act. Speak with our attorneys and learn all about potential insurance issues and how to avoid them.

  • Steps to Follow After Car Accidents

    You never wanted it to happen; but unfortunately, you ended up in a car accident. Now what?

    Well, if you are lucky to make it out alive, you probably have one or more injuries. Your emotions are high; you are under a lot of stress.

    Here’s what you have to do.

    Never leave the scene

    • No matter who is responsible for causing the accident, stay at the scene. Hit-and-run drivers face serious penalties, so remove that as an option.
    • Stay on the scene for as long as necessary. Call the police and ask for a police report to be filed.
    • Exchange information: everyone present at the scene of an accident is in a way involved. Besides the parties involved in the crash itself, there are witnesses who may help determine who the responsible party is for causing the crash. Collect every bit of information you can (names, addresses, phone numbers) and give these to the police officer. You never know what information may help you or benefit your case.
    • Wait for the police to arrive, and once they create a report, you are free to leave. But, don’t go home. Instead, take the following step.

    Visit the hospital

    Besides the injuries you can see with your own eyes, you may have some serious internal injuries that require advance medical care. For starters, you may have a head trauma, or internal bleeding that needs immediate medical attention.

    Never neglect medical care! It is mandatory that you go see a doctor, and check yourself for any additional injuries. Don’t worry about paying the medical bills. We will come to that part later.

    Seek professional legal help

    After you are fully checked for injuries and out of life danger, contact one of our attorneys. As a victim of a Car Accident, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for causing the accident. That is, if you can prove that you are not the one responsible for causing it.

    That is why we are here!

    Our seasoned attorneys will gladly help you organize things, and prepare the documents and paperwork for you. They will investigate the crash, and find out all about what happened and how and why it happened. They will do everything they can to help prove you innocent, and help you receive the compensation you deserve. This compensation can be calculated using a special method of calculation, and it will cover for all the damage that has been done to you, including your medical bills and your property damage. In addition, you may receive compensation for the pain and suffering you endured during this time.

    After receiving a Personal Injury, it is essential that you speak with a car accident attorney Los Angeles Califonia. He will provide you with counsel, legal guidance and tell you what to do next. You will also receive proper legal representation in court, and have someone represent your best interests.

    So, the next time you find yourself in a car accident in Los Angeles, you will know what to do, one step at the time.

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